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Project a positive image and attitude. When you meet the interviewer, smile and offer a firm handshake. Speak clearly, politely and be direct. Make eye contact and be pleasant. Never tell jokes, use swear words, or make negative comments of any kind. Do not be judgmental, criticize or complain about anything. Stay away from politics, religion and personal relationships, since comments and discussions about these can only lead to difficulty for you, watch out!

Give brief but complete answers. Always speak highly of past employers, supervisors and yourself. Remember to stress the many things you have to offer the company.

Always mention throughout the interview your desire to work for this company (at least 3 different times). And the fact that you can and want to make a contribution to their success.

Detailed below is a list of possible questions. Your study of these and the development of correct answers may win the job offer. Is it worth your time? You bet it is!

Why are you interested in this particular position?

Why would you like to work for our company?

What are your short and long term goals?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What do you know about our company?

What can you do for our company?

What contributions have you made in your present position? In your previous position?

What are your major weaknesses? Strengths?

What are your personal interests or hobbies?

How has your education and training prepared you for this job?

Do you prefer working as a member of a team or would you rather work alone?

What career or business would you consider if you were starting over?

How do you react to criticism by supervisors? If you believe it is unwarranted?

What is your idea of success?

What types of people try your patience?

How have you benefited from your disappointments and/or mistakes?

Tell me about yourself.

How do you cope with pressure?

What do you do when you have trouble solving a problem?

What do others think are your strengths?

What do others think are your weaknesses?

What are some of the things your (current/previous) employer might have done to be more successful?

What steps would you take to terminate an employee who is not performing adequately?

How long will you stay with this company?

What do you believe are your special qualifications for this job?

Is there one particular trait or skill you possess that should lead us to consider you above other candidates?

In five minutes or less, tell me why this company should hire you?

What salary are you worth?

Do you expect to be rewarded for work you consider to be well done?

What risks did you take in your last job and what was the outcome?

Why are you leaving your present position?

What factors contribute the most to your success in your present job?

Do ask questions about the duties and responsibilities of the position.

Do not ask questions about salary, vacations, holidays or benefits until the position is offered. You don't want to make it seem that you are more interested in time off than in your opportunity to contribute to the company's success.

Do not let these negative factors cost you the job:

so best of luck guys.
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