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NIIT Technologies
On-Campus Recruitment Process
6th March 2007

PPT - Aptitude Test - Interview

*1st Part*
36 questions : 30 minutes
In a 3x3 square there were space for 9 figure. The last one(row=3, column=3) was missing. You have to find the last one from the 8 given options. e.g.

| | | | | | Options:-
| | | | | | 1) ||| 2) ___ 3) * 4) +++
| | | | | | *
____ ____ ____ 5) *+* 6) *** 7) |_* XXX
____ ____

* ** ? Ans:- 6

*2nd Part*
36 questions : 30 minutes
It consisted of 5 sub-parts -----
i) Coding-Decoding (6 questions)
ii) An English seen passage (5 questions)
iii) English verbal : Grammar (5 questions)
iv) Maths : Quantitative aptitude (10 questions)
v) Technical : C, C++, Java, DBMS, OS, Networking (10 questions)

My interview lasted over 40 minutes. It was a mixed one of Technical+HR. As I am a guy from E.C.E. my technical questions were from C. But some E.C.E guys were also asked from Microprocessor, Digital Electronics & Data Structure. C.S.E were asked questions from C++, Java, DBMS, OS and Networking. There were two interviewer in my panel. The whole thing was like this ---
Me : May I come in sir ?
NIIT : Yes, come in. Sit down please. Give me your C.V ........ What is the meaning of your name ?
Me : I said.
NIIT : Give your self-introduction with your family background and hobbies.
Me : I mentioned that I am a guy from a simple middle class family.
NIIT : Why are u describing yourself as a guy from SIMPLE MIDDLE CLASS family ?
Me : I said that my dad's earning is within that range.
NIIT : So will you consider your family as rich when your earning adds to your dad's one ?
Me : No. I will like to call myself a guy from an upper middle class family.
NIIT : So earning is the only indicator to decide the class of the family ?
Me : In this case I am considering so .
Me : In my self-introduction I mentioned Chatting and Magic Item Collection as my hobbies.
NIIT : What are the kinds of magic you have collected so far ?
Me : Lots, from coin tricks to card magic. May I show you one sir ?
NIIT : Sure.
Me : I showed them a coin trick.
NIIT : hmm. You are a guy from E.C.E. But you are switching to software industry. Why ? Tell me from the core of your heart.
Me : I like C more than Analog Communication.
NIIT : You like C ? Why so ?
Me : I am fascinated about it. I try to think of every problem in C. I had Computer Science in +2. I wrote the KBC program for fun.
NIIT : So I can ask you questions from C ?
Me : Up to File and Structure.
NIIT : That's enough. What is the difference between Structure and Array ?
Me : I explained it with diagram.
NIIT : Ok. Suppose I have put your name in a character array. Now you have to reverse it within it without using any other array. How will you do it ? Write the whole program.
Me : Can I use the string reverse function.
NIIT : No.
Me : I wrote the program.
NIIT : Try to reduce the complexity of the program.
Me : Can I say the logic only ?
NIIT : Sure.
Me : I described.
NIIT : Ok. Now tell me the difference between 'value passing' and 'address passing' of a variable as the argument of a function. What will be the effect if we do it at the time of 'swapping' ?
Me : I said.
NIIT : hmm. In your career objective you have described yourself as 'a computer lover with an electronics & communication background'. Why you are demanding that you are a COMPUTER LOVER ?
Me : I spend most of my spare time with my machine.
NIIT : What do you do then ?
Me : Mainly chatting and C programming.
NIIT : Where do you like to chat ?
Me: In Orkut.
NIIT : Ok You may go now


Hai frnds,

A look on written on NIIT tech:

1st paper of 30 min.(35 question) Non Verbal Reasoning
pattern: figure question on reasoning like bank p.o. Exam that which will be next figure to the series.

2nd paper of 30 min. (38 Question):
5 questinon on Critical Reasoning from Barrons
5 question on Technical like find string length, for loop output, aptitude simple questions and question like
if left side if left side>right side then result =b
if left side=right side then result =c
like 4+5 7 then output is a
question on passage of General English.

The pool campus was at JIMS. Rohini. Out of 150 students 18 students were selected for interview.

I Was one of the lucky students.
After that interview round started, both HR and Technical together.
Question on
OS: diff b/w linux and windows
Database: trigger, cursor, index,
OOPS: definition, polymorphism,
SE: ooa, raid model, iterative modal

# define swap(a,b) temp=a; a=b; b=temp;
main( )
int i, j, temp;
if( i > j)
swap( i, j );
printf( "%d %d %d", i, j, temp);

Ans: On compiling i got ans 10, 0, 0. I did not understand the concept. Please expalin this to me.

During the compile time the macro swap(a,b) is expanded. So the prog aftr compiling is
# define swap(a,b) temp=a; a=b; b=temp;
main( )
int i, j, temp;
if( i > j)
printf( "%d %d %d", i, j, temp);

so, wen u excute it the 2 statements i=j & j=temp are excuted. so, the O/P will be "10,0,0"
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