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Dear friends

I am Ershad Ahmad from Hyderabad .Today(18/3/07) I attended the written test for CONVERGYS at St. Sebastian school, Secunderabad. I would like to share some experiences and the nature of the test .The test was conducted by Merit-Trac.

The test was divided in five sections (100 Q’s 100marks 100 minutes)

1. Inferential vocabulary. 20 Q’s 20 Mins. 20 Marks

2. Analytical and Logical Reasoning 45 Q’s 45 Mins. 45 Marks

3. UNIX Programming. 10 Q’s 10 Mins. 10 Marks

4. RDBMS 10 Q’s 10 Mins. 10 Marks

5. C++ 15 Q’s 15 Mins. 15 Marks

Inferential vocabulary: (Q.No. 1-20) 20 Q.s 20 marks 20 minutes

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.

Analytical & logical Reasoning: (Q.No. 21-65)

(Q.No. 21-30) Venn diagram problem
(Q.No. 31-38) Venn diagram problem

(2 Q’s) Assumption problem Such as India, Srilanka, Australia, England and Pakistan are the top five cricet teams for the last three

consecutive years 2001-03. Asutralia and England were never in top 2 positions in 2003 srilanka wasin 4 th position in the first two years Australia and englasnd interchanged thire positons.

Q.No 1 Which is the top2 team in 2001 ?

QNo’s 40-41 Simple logical Q’s

Q.No 40. Boys was standing in row a particular boy was standing in 5th position counted both ways. How many boys were standing in the row?

QNo’s 42-52 Data sufficiency

QNo’s 52-53 Coding decoding

QNo’s 52 In a certain language BLACK is coded as .Then what is the code for BLEACH ?

QNo’s 60-65 Cube problem (painting sides)

UNIX programming: Qno’s 65-75 (10 Q’s 10 Min. 10 marks)

To find output of programs mostly code snippets involving echo command.

QNo. 71 Which is a command interpreter a). Shell b). kernel c).demon d). none of the above

QNo.s 76-85 (10 Q’s 10 Min. 10 marks)

Question involving Primary Key Integrity constraint.etc

QNo.s 86-100 (15 Q’s 15 Min. 15 marks)

Finding Output from given code snippets
The Covergys is one of the easiest test to crack!!! Before going to interview!! 2 thing to follow before going to any interview

Rule1:Stay COOL
Rule2:Stay COOL!!!

Becos it will help you to think more.Its from my own exprience i am saying. The question pattern was same as the previous question papers posted by our fnds,

There were 4 sections:
1:English : (all of same type)
It had very easy fill in the blanks... They gave a passage on Colombia space craft and passage had blanks to be filled eg.
They next launch is __________ by the end of next month. a) Expected b)Planned c)scheduled

2.Logical reasoning:
Its one of the easiest part just prepare ur self with logical resoning book.... The Venn diagram occupied 4(4 questions each) parts of the parper,

Quantitative Reasoning(10questions approx) : eg: 1-50 how many prime numbers are there....

Data sufficiency occupied 10questions. (upto this occupies the 52 questions)

acronyms, number series, $ replace by 1,* by 0 question....

3.Unix questions
Its very basic questions. Just glance the basic functional syntax and concepts from easiest of book available as a guide in market.
eg) which acts as a interperter in UNIX 1)Kernel 2)Shell 3... 4..

Let x=10,y=20,z=30
Let c=x+y+z
echo $c A 1)error 2)60 3)10 4)20

Its was the concept based on normalization,syntax based question, keyword based questions and they gave query and asked us to check the error.

5) C++:
It was quite easy. I used the C,C++ based question paper present in freshers world and it helped me a lot. Its based on pointers and some sime easy questions. Every question will be within the sample question paper available at this site.

so all the very best fnds its a good opportunity to crack the test . hope my expr have atleast 1% benifit to you!!
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