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Evolution of Project work
(1) Registration of project work.
A Candidate is permitted to register for the project work after satisfying the attendence requirement of all the courses (Theory and practical courses) up to 5th semester.
(2) Every Candidate shall work on project approved by the PRC of the college.
(3) The duration of the project is for one semester.
(4) Three copies of thesis, certified be the supervisor shall be submitted to the college/school/institute.
(5) The project report shall be adjudicated by one external examiner selected by the university out of 6-member panel submitted by the college who are eminent in that field of stydy.
(6) The viva-voce examination of the project report shall be conducted by a board consisting of the external examiner, the head of the department and supervisor.

The Board shall jointly report candidate work as:
A: Excellent
B: Good
C: Satisfactory
D: Unsatisfactory
(7) Head of the department shall coordinate and make arrangements for the conduct of viva-voce examination.
(8) If the report of the viva-voce is not satisfactory, the candidate will retake the viva-voce examintion after 3 months.
If he fails to get a satisfactory report at the second viva-voce examination, he will not be eligible of the award of the degree, unless the candidate is asked to revise and resubmit.
If the report of the examination is unfavorable again, the project shall be summarily rejected.

Dates of seminars

1. Abstract seminar                                                                  03/01/2009.

2. Review-1 (Modules +Designing seminar)                                              07/03/2009.

3. Review-2 (Testing and executing)                                        18/04/2009.

5. Total project review                                                               02/05/2009


-->Abstract Details (03/01/2009)
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--> First Review Details (07/03/2009)  Click here

-->. Review-2 (Testing and executing)        

-->PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines

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