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Yuvatha Telugu Movie Download

Young bachelors Ajay (Ranadheer), Kiran (Narasimha Uthkam) and Subbu (Subhash) stay in Hyderabad pursuing their respective career dreams.
Veerababu (Nikhil), a childhood friend, comes from their native village and joins them. He meets Vishalakshi (Aksha) under peculiar circumstances and has a romantic relationship with her.
Subbu wants to become a film director and finally gets his chance, but gets bashed up by his enemies. He has been hospitalized and needs expensive surgery.
Ajay, his girl friend Madhavi (Monali Choudhry), Kiran, Veerababu and Vishalakshi approach a vicious money lender (Narsing) and get on loan the required money for Subbu’s hospital expenses.
Problems erupt when the loan pay back time arrives. There is no way to get money except by robbery. They decide to rob the establishment where Kiran is working.
They make a meticulous plan for the operation robbery. When Ajay and Veerababu break in, they get caught by the police on the spot.

The rest of the story deals with unraveling the mystery of robbery.
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Ullasanga Utsahamga (2008)-DvdRip-XviD[RS links]

Hi friends download the videos of latest RAM CHARAN TEJ's film which is directed by RAJAMOULI.These are some of the fight sequences from the film.Clarity is good so i hope you download and enjoy the videos.
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Three(2008) -1 CD- PDVD -XviD
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