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Bollywood Bodies : Bipasha Basu | Dvd Rip

Actors : Bipasha BasuDirector : Duncan Humphreys
Background Score : Damian Egan & Jassi Sidhu
Bipasha Basu (Jism, No Entry) is one of the most talked about Bollywood stars and is admired by thousands of adoring fans. Her body and look have inspired many and now you can train alongside her. Despite her hectic lifestyle, Bipasha shows how you can stay fit with trainer Mark Anthony's once a week workout that provides a total body development system. Mark is a world-renowned fitness expert whose methodology has been endorsed by Dr. Tom Crisp, a top UK and Olympic sports physician.
Bollywood Bodies gives you a unique opportunity to work out in company with Bipasha and virtual personal trainer Mark Anthony. In 4 weeks it changes the way you feel about exercising, in 8 weeks it changes your body and in 12 weeks it will chang

Love Story 2050 (2008) DVDRip [Hindi]

Movie DetailsGenre: Musical / Drama / Romance
Language: HindiRelease Status and
date: Releasing in 2008
Director: Harry Baweja
Written by: Harry Baweja
MUSIC_DIRECTOR: Himesh Reshammiya

Tells the story about Karan, a young, spirited, sporty boy who lives life off the rules and Sana, a young petite, shy girl who lives life by the rules. This develops into a magical love story. Karan's uncle, Dr. Yatinder Khanna's much developed time machine finally works. Sana expresses her wish to travel ahead in time to Mumbai in the future. We land in Mumbai 2050 in the time machine... along with Uncle Yatinder, Rahul and Thea (Sana's younger brother and sister). Flying cars, 200 storey buildings, robots and sky rails have changed the very face of Mumbai. Through a series of twists and turns, the time traveler Karan finds himself separating from his love. QT, a friendly femme robot and Boo, a small robotic teddy bear play their distinct roles in bringing their love story together but soon find themselves under the threat of the demi-god of the future, Dr. Hoshi. Will Karan be able to overcome the threat of Dr. Hoshi and win his love and travel back in time?
download links:
Money Hai Toh Honey Hai | 2008 | 1CD | PDVDRIP
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Love Story 2050 (2008) DVD Rip

Jannat (2008) DVD Rip Free Download

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