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In Bangkok, an assassin who turns down a job that hits too close to home finds himself targeted by the elite members of his profession.
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It’s twenty-years after a nuclear holocaust and plague have swept the land. There are survivors but they live underground, in old basements. One of them is “Michael on the Radio”(Joshua Leonard), who lives alone and broadcasts from his small radio station. Then there’s Sarah (Azura Skye), who is six months pregnant, and her overprotective mother. They all live in the Southern Corridor, which has been protected from the radiation.
Michael meets up with a guy named Pierre, who chases off some snipers and takes him back to a community of people who live in a huge cave. Sarah and her mother meet up with a philosopher/shaman who convinces them to leave their basement and accompany him on his journey. They do and it leads them to the same group of cave people. Michael has been receiving broadcasts from someone else who has a radio, and this gives him hope that people will start going out into the world.
There’s also the group of bad guys who are lead by a crazy woman and her two mentally unstable daughters, who she keeps drugged up. She hears that Sarah is pregnant, the first pregnancy in fifteen years, and she wants that baby for her own.
The first hour of this movie is great, almost like a documentary, and entirely plausible. However, when it gets to the last half hour, with the confrontation with the bad guys and Michael and Sarah setting off on their own when they go into the abandoned city, it takes a turn that’s too predictable and formulaic. The ending is also terribly cheesy and trite.
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