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Digital Photographer №5 May 2006

Digital Photographer №5 May 2006
PDF | 138 pages | Russian | 10.5Mb
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The Book of Photography

The Book of Photography by John Hedgecoe
PDF | English | 288 Pag. | Mar 21, 2005 | 17 Mb | RS

To take consistently successful photographs, it is important to understand the basic optical principles underlying how a camera works; type of lens; what film speed or digital setting to use in a particular situation; lighting equipment; plus the advantages and drawbacks of different camera formats.

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The Advanced Digital Photographer's Workbook
The Advanced Digital Photographer's Workbook

" the best software manual that you might expect with expensive computer programs, but actually rarely  these days of PDF manuals...(it is )beautifully illustrated...providing the reader with exceptional plates to inspire from example with what can be achieved." - Stills Audio Motion

"This is for the advanced digital photographer. Topics include choosing JPG or RAW capture formats and choosing the correct lighting, color correcting and outputting." - Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Nov. 26, 06



Underwater Photography Sept-Oct 2008

Underwater Photography Sept-Oct 2008
PDF | English | 6 MB

Underwater Photography's main aim is to entertain and inform its readers about what is happening in the world of underwater photography.


American Phot September/October 2008

American Phot September/October 2008
PDF | 94 pages | English | 20 MB


Popular Photography September 2008

Popular Photography September 2008
PDF | 136 Pag. | English | 39 Mb | RS

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The Art of Digital Photography - eBook
art of digital photography

Easy-to-understand, and packed with both technical instructions and creative ideas, celebrated author and photographer John Hedgecoe walks you through the world of digital photography and shares his considerable expertise on this ever-changing medium.


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